“The Greek Letter Societies among our group appear to have entered upon a period of mad competition for obtaining members.  Pledgees are increasing in numbers.  Scarcely a student on the college campus but wears a pledge pin or a Frat pin.  Are the fraternities forgetting their original high standards?  Can it be said that every man who enters college is of Fraternity material?  If in any place, Omega has entered this mad race for members, pause and consider.

The value of our Fraternity is not in numbers, but in men, in real brotherhood.  Eight men thoroughly immersed in the true Omega spirit are far greater assets than eighty with luke-warm enthusiasm.  If any chapter has reached the maximum in numbers for efficient work and brotherly cooperation, let it initiate each year only a number of men equal to those leaving the chapter by way of graduation or otherwise.

Men, real men of Omega calibre, strive for that which is most difficult of attainment.  Keep Omega the most difficult Greek letter Society in which to obtain membership and be assured that Omega material will never be found lacking.”

Walter Herbert Mazyck (Alpha 1916)
Grand Keeper of Records & Seal
The Oracle, March 1925 (Vol. III, No. 1)

Charter Members | Bridge Builders

It would take countless pages to highlight all the achievements of each brother, yet being courageous sons of Omega says enough. Their commitment to the Fraternity and the chapter continues as ‘bridge builders’ for others to follow in the fold and in the community. Founding and charter members are accomplished in their professions as educators, entrepreneurs, scientist, and civil service, corporate and in law enforcement.

Bro. Kevin Archer Kappa Eta 1988
Bro. Eric Barbour Kappa Eta 1980
Bro. James Kwadzo Bradley Pi 1979
Bro. Nathaniel Bryant Jr. Kappa Eta 1990
Bro. Darren Burton Tau Mu 1990
Bro. Phillip T. Flood Lambda Gamma 1965
Bro. Delrecole Gales Tau Mau 1986

Bro. Clarence Hayman IV Rho Zeta 1989
Bro. Andre Johnson Rho Zeta 1989
Bro. Aaron Muhammad Theta Eta 1987
Bro. Rhudell Snelling Epsilon Phi 1996
Bro. Corey Williams Phi Theta 1999
Bro. Ennis Winston Beta 1952

Lineage of Nu Lambda Lambda

Hostage Takers Spr 2008
Hostage Takers Spr 2008
1. Lance ‘Nitro’ Howard
2. LaHai ‘Shaka’ Garber
3. Kenneth ‘Deep Cover’ McKindra
4. Corey ‘Gunnery’ Handy
5. Tracy ‘Point Man’ Bowers
Smokey’s 3rd Degree Burn Spr 2009
Smokey’s 3rd Degree Burn Spr 2009
1. William ‘Shrek’ Mitchell
2. Edward B. 'Can't Get Right' Johnson IV
3. Shawn ‘Spotlight’ Redd
PointMan’s Que-nited Nations Fall 2010
1. Omar ‘Blaze’ Jalloh
2. Tarrant ‘You Tube’ Anderson
3. Luis ‘Obama’ Cruz
4. Andre ‘Braveheart’ Jean-Pierre